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At TranZend Consulting, we believe that strong and sustained Culture Building and Behavioural Transformation in an Organization is a sustained process rather than a point in time activity.

It needs skilled, experienced people.

Continuous mentoring, training, intervention and follow up processes.

A range of co-creative process which involves multiple tools of learning and engagement including Instructor led Training, Self Learning, Coaching, Social Learning and a Governance process.

A customized approach which is developed after mapping the talent, opportunities, strengths and challenges.

The TranZend methodology provides tangible results while reducing overall cost of developing in-house talent.

Low Employee Engagement is characterized by :

Negative impact on business results

High employee turnover

A toxic atmosphere in the organization

In such organisation the existing behaviour is to transfer blame creating an atmosphere of mistrust and low teamwork. Leaders will rarely own up to results unless positive. The credit for positive results will usually be hogged by one person and not attributed to team work. Back biting and ‘fixing blame’ become the behaviour traits leading to the best and brightest jumping ship.

Employees feeling ‘Undervalued’ and a lack of ‘purpose’ display up and down performances are unable to articulate clearly the organization’s goals, often crack jokes on bosses’ mood swings and have no real loyalty.

There is constant griping

Absenteeism tends to be high

Clock watching rather than keeping an eye on quality becomes the norm

Spending time resolving team conflicts is a sure sign of dysfunction. Team conflicts invariably end up impacting motivation and performance. In this scenario, good ideas are usually opposed based on which team is proposing them. Everyone loses sight of what’s good for the company because they are too busy playing the one-upmanship game.

Silos in the organization while silos are good to store grains, businesses thrive on interaction. Good ideas get poorly executed when teams are not talking to each other. So while everyone is working hard, the net result is still less than satisfactory results.

Not structured for growth is a common issue in emerging enterprises. Growth requires money, time and talent. While money and time is lavished on the business, talent is forgotten. The result, compromises on quality and output which acts as a brake on growth.


To build engaged, profitable, happier and sustainable companies.


Innovate, build and deliver the most effective solutions globally for culture transformation to deliver higher workplace engagement, profitability and sustainable growth.


Customer Integrity, Innovate and Customise, Respect for people, Continual Learning

We Believe

We believe that every organization can have deeply engaged, motivated and happy workplaces which drive higher profitability and sustainable growth.

We believe that a committed leadership with the right tools can create a powerful environment of trust, teamwork and high performance in their teams.

We believe that every aspiring organisation desires happy employees who are committed and performing to their best.

We believe that a strong foundation of Values, behaviour and Culture can sustain a company through the toughest challenges and high growth phases.

We believe that a simple structured process and committed approach can build this powerful Culture in any organization, irrespective of industry, employee profile, sector or product life cycle.

If you believe with us,

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